Will rolling my bat hurt it's durability in any way?

No. When your bat is through being rolled it will have all the durability it had before it was done but will be hitting at its true potential.

Can you roll any type of bat?

Yes, I can roll Slowpitch and fastpitch softball, baseball, and little league bats, but I do not recommend rolling Aluminum bats.

Does it matter if the bat has been used before being rolled?

No, it’s fine to roll bats that have been used.

Will I still see improvement in my bat if it already has 500 or more hits on it?

Yes, you may see a little less improvement in distance and pop, but the rolling will remove any dead spots and improve it’s consistency. In addition, many bats still see great improvement depending on the type of material they are made of, the type of balls that have been hit and who has swung it.

What is the turnaround time?

The bat will get rolled the same day I receive it and will be shipped out the next day either by USPS Priority delivery or 2nd day is an option as well depending on which option you choose.