First and foremost, if you search enough on the internet you will find cheaper prices, but in this industry you get what you pay for. There’s no way that someone with an $80k machine is going to only charge $60 to do the work, trust me it isn’t worth it for shops that have high end equipment to do so.

The other big thing to keep in mind is the end cap work, my end cap work is second to none. So good you can’t even tell it’s been off.

That is why I offer to take pictures of the work upon request. Some day I will update my site with emails asking me to fix someone else’s work. If there’s a bat I don’t offer or something you’re looking for, email me and I’ll see what I can do to get it.


We also sell bats that are just rolled and not shaved, email us at for more information or questions on a rolled bat and/or shaved bat (juiced bat).

With more and more people looking for something to give them that extra edge when they are up to bat, shaved bats are finding their way into more ball parks than ever before. However; the cost of a shaved bat can vary depending on the quality of the job that is done on it.

That’s right, there is high quality shaved bats and cheap home spun shaved bats and there is quite a difference between the two of them. We offer a legitimate professional bat shaving, bat end loading, and bat rolling service and will even redo a bat if it is too heavy or too light or if you feel it isn’t performing up to what you feel it should.


Use the Best

Why would you take a chance on a cheap shaved bat? When you step up to the plate with your juiced bat you want it to deliver the full potential that a good quality shaved bat can. A good quality rolled bat and shaved bat can add any where from forty to seventy feet in distance to your hits. A cheap shaved bat can result with an embarrassing end cap flying off or poor performance.

Experience Counts

Before a bat is shaved it should be rolled. If the bat is new or used it still can be rolled and shaved, depending on how used it is determines if it needs to be rolled or not but defiantly can still be shaved. Bat rolling and bat shaving  should be done by someone who is experienced at doing this. Its not something that you need a science degree to do, but at the same time, you want to have someone do it has done it for some time and has a good feel for it. Also, end loading a bat helps the performance of the bat, the more end load you can handle to farther, faster the ball will go, but there are many people out there that do not like the feel of an end loaded bat, we can make the bat either end loaded or balance. Personal preference is most important because if you’re not comfortable with your bat you will not perform well with it.

A Quality Job

Now, if you want a good shaved bat (juiced bat) and rolled bat you really want someone with a higher level of expertise to do the job. Its a fairly delicate procedure when it is done right and it also requires some specialized machinery to do properly. A high quality rolled bat and shaved bat is like a fine tuned instrument.

What you don’t want, is a bat that someone has popped open and went at it with a barrel sander on the end of a drill extension. It may look OK with the naked eye, but the shaved sides of the bat will be uneven and won’t deliver the results that a professionally shaved bat, and precision tuned rolled bat will.